Wissam Shawkat Sketchbook


Wissam Shawkat Sketchbook

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A custom-made sketchbook with Calligraphy by Wissam Shawkat for Made in Tashkeel 2017.

Artist Biography

Born in Basra in 1974, Wissam Shawkat is an award-winning artist and designer based in Dubai, with a focus on Arabic calligraphy and typography. His work departs from classic calligraphy, yet maintains its craftsmanship. Since 2003 he has been working on a new script named after himself (Al Wissam Style), and in recent years, he started ‘Calligraforms’, an art movement that merges the graphic qualities found in classic letterforms and western Abstraction and Cubism. Wissam has had many solo shows and has participated in many group exhibitions. His calligraphy and typography designs have appeared in several books and magazines about art and design.

Wissam joined Tashkeel in 2009 as Member 52. He has run various workshops in Arabic calligraphy (2009–2018). He also exhibited with Tashkeel in ‘Hurouf Al Noor’ (2011) and his solo exhibition ‘Monumental 11/11’ (2015).