A Declaration of HOBB

HOBB is inspired by the Arabic word for love.
Because design makes our hearts go absolutely h a y w i r e.

In fact, our love for Design goes far beyond a passing passion – it’s the air we breathe… the nourishment for our souls... the jam on our toast... get the picture? And if you’re an aspiring creative, a professional working in Graphic Design, Art or Architecture, or a design aficionado, you’ll benefit from the halo effect of our love. It spills over onto you like carefully grown landscaping spilling onto architectural masterpieces.

Our eyes and our minds are opened ever wider by Design innovation and Illustration, by Branding and Typography – oh yes, don’t even get us started on fonts… Ultra Condensed… Distorted Type… Sans Serif… Variable Fonts…ohhh, be still our beating hearts...

You see? Love is in our name and in our nature, not only for the entire Design arena, or for our books on Design which so excite the spirit within, but the greatest expression of our love is sharing our books with you.

So dive in. Have fun! Be inspired. Abandon yourself to the positive changes you experience. Because, dear reader, that is exactly what happens to you when you’re in Hobb.