Letters of love II

Wissam Shawkat

Letters of love II

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All of Wissam’s research and artistic journey can be summed up in two words: Letters and Love.

Love as a principle for a life in letters is a compelling entrance into the work and artistic journey of Wissam Shawkat. Love moves his work and his viewers. Love propels his ambitions to carry on evolving new forms and calligraphic expressions. It motivates his aspirations to bring Arabic calligraphy out of the confines of a traditional practice into the universe of international contemporary art. Love is not only the poetic subjects of his works, but also the root of his passionate journey and the various directions it has taken him so far.

11 years on from Letters of Love, his 2011 solo exhibition at Reed Space in New York that introduced a global audience to a series of contemporary compositions, we are delighted to announce the reprise here in Dubai on 11-11-22.