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This book touches some hot topics: sustainability, climate change and the circular economy and explores how design relates to these issues Beautifully illustrated with colorful and inspiring images and behind-the-scenes shots of the design process We live in the age of the Anthropocene: human activity is the dominant force affecting the climate and man-made and organic materials are becoming irreversibly intertwined. As natural resources dwindle, designers are exploring the potential of increasingly plentiful waste streams to become the raw materials of the future. A new book celebrates 30 optimistic and enterprizing designers, makers and manufacturers who use waste as their primary resource, offering a rare glimpse into the world they inhabit. Accompanying these profiles, six in-depth and thematic essays explore the societal, cultural and environmental implications of their work.Contents: Introduction;Fashion Waste;Food Waste;Industrial Waste;Plastic Waste;Domestic Waste;Bibliography.