Spaaawn - Disembodied Cassette Tapes

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Spaaawn - Disembodied Cassette Tapes

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AAR009 – "disembodied: a compilation" is a collection of works by SPAAAWN from 2018 until recent.

"I've explored various processes in my craft since 2012, leaning towards experimental electronic music by means of genres such as: pop, heavy metal, folk, post-rock, no-wave, ambient, hip-hop, etc.; and rave culture as well.

This has guided me in developing a sonic vocabulary which helps me to express and interact in our material world, much like different textures of sound and how they interact with each other. Boundaries are now blurred to me as I relate this knowledge to different fields, I believe music helps us transcend by bringing us to a flow state. Although, as things in the world evolve and unfold into complexity, I sometimes can't help but be silent & just listen."