199X - (800) 420 0824 Cassette Tape

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199X - (800) 420 0824 Cassette Tape

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AAR001 - "Our first release is from 1 9 9 X. Originally released in 2017 in digital download format, "800 420-0824" was his first non-compilation release and can be categorized as an extended play. The cassettes were made in diy fashion from recycled Hindi spiritual talk cassettes and are home-dubbed from his flat in Dubai. Only 20 cassettes are produced in total and only 10 are available here at Analog Amigo. With his ever-changing style of music production, "800 420-0824" was mostly crafted using various borrowed instruments and samples from his free jazz and world music collection and features a very wonky and breakbeat approach in beatmaking. All tracks were made within the span of three months prior to its original release."

- Analog Amigo Records