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Analog Amigo Records

Analog Amigo Records

Various Artists - Invest In The Emptiness Cassette + Perfume

Various Artists - Invest In The Emptiness Cassette + Perfume

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The texture of photography translates into the texture of sound and then both dissolve into the texture of perfume. The textures of feelings and experiences that are going along the manifested events. The house of sentiments; the personal fairy tale.

This release is a collaboration between Andre Adi (Dubai), Astral LXXXII (Dubai), Epoch Estellar (Voronezh), Ismat Assafiri (Dubai), Kristina Vegera (Moscow), Safi (Abu Dhabi), Sukatoyo (Philippines), Raciya Bağdad (Moscow) and Ronald Ekore (Ajman). Each artist created a sound impression for a series of 17 photographs. The participants of this sound project were seeking to translate the texture of analog photography; its emotional and transcendental dimension into the texture of sound. All sound impressions together were arranged by Sukatoyo to form two dreamy compositions introducing an experimental collaborative multi-exposure process in music.

The emptiness of space and time spreading out in front of you in life is waiting to be invested by your own spark, your love and your potential.

released June 17, 2023

Arranged and Mastered by Sukatoyo


Sukatoyo on synth lead and sequenced electronics
Andre Adi on drum programming
Epoch Estellar on synth electronics
Safi on field recording

Voice: Astral LXXXII

Additional Voice: Kristina Vegera


Raciya Bağdad and Andre Adi on synth leads
Epoch Estellar on synth electronics
Sukatoyo on electric organ
Safi on field recording
Ismat Assafiri on broken piano

Voices: Kristina Vegera and Astral LXXXII

Additional Voice: Ronald Ekore

Invest In The Emptiness
All Rights Reserved 2023
Made In Dubai UAE

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