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The multiple facets of the letter

The multiple facets of the letter

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The 2019 publication focuses on the essential element of writing and reading: the letter. It explores the psychology of writing and the link to human nature: culturally, historically, politically, artistically, scientifically, etc. These materials came to light during the revamping of the whole 29LT visual identity in 2019. A new 29LT logo was created, and a pure typographic website was designed to showcase 29LT fonts. In order to stage each typeface and create a comprehensive type specimen for it, strong content was required, which had a link to typography. The need to research and find timeless literature on the importance of writing, the essence of the letters, the philosophy behind languages, and the link between the mind and the pen became of great importance.

Extensive content was encountered from historical philosophers, poets, politicians, writers, and master calligraphers. Part of it was reserved for the printed publication and complemented with specifically written text, and the rest was used for the digital type specimens on the website.

The main focus of all the content embraced the prominence of type.

Chapter 1
The Debate Between the Pen and the Sword 
Chapter 2
Teaching Handwriting: Why it Matters
Chapter 3
Graphologie, Personnalité, et Santé
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
The Geometry of Letters
Chapter 6
Poem on the Science of the Pen, Ink, & Writing
Concept & Design
Design Director
Pascal Zoghbi
Graphic Designer
Norma El Zoghbi
Content Creation
29Letters & HallScript
Arabic, English, French, Spanish & German
172 x 240 mm
No. of Pages
80 pages including cover
Colors Used
Black & Pantone 805 U
Selection from 29LT fonts catalog
Fedrigoni Arcoprint Milk White 85 gr.
Omán Impresores, Madrid, Spain
May 2019

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