Mini greeting cards mixed pack

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Pack of 8 mini greeting cards printed on a beautiful textured carton. Folded and blank on the inside so you can personalize it and add it to a gift or use it on it's own.

Yalla what are you waiting for? Make someone's day today!

Size folded: 7.5x7.5cm

Pack contains 1 card of each:

  1. Men Beirut ma3 hobb (من بيروت مع حب) (Translates to From Beirut with love)
  2. El helou baddou helou (الحلو بدو حلو) (Translates to Sweet for my sweet)
  3. Festive Love from Beirut
  4. From Beirut with Love
  5. Habibi
  6. Kell Eid w enta/enteh b kheir" (كل عيد وانت بخير) (Translates to Happy birthday/anniversary/holiday)
  7. Ma3 Kteer Hobb" (مع كتير حب)(Translates to With lots of love)
  8. Yen3ad 3laykom (ينعاد عليكم)  (Translates to Happy Holidays)