Corniche 2

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Corniche 2

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Corniche 2 is the second edition of SAF’s annual comic anthology which pays homage to the neighbourhood that Sharjah Art Foundation is located in. It is a collaborative project bringing together 23 UAE-based artists and illustrators, and features a collection of comic stories in Arabic and English. The featured works are a result of several collaborative workshops held on Zoom by the contributing artists and illustrators during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Released and produced for the Foundation’s annual art book fair FOCAL POINT in 2020, Corniche 2 is a unique entry into the minds of artists Asma Al Hosani, Aisha Al Baloshi, Aisha Al Ali, Alia Al Hamadi, Amna Al Saleh, Aysha Al Hemrani, Azim Al Ghussein, Eman Al Raeesi, Ibrahem Swaid, Issa Al Nuaimi, Khadija Al Saeedi, Khalid Mezaina, Mohammed Al Jnebi, Mohammed Al Shaibani, Mouza Al Hemrani, Nahla Tabbaa, Nasir Nasrallah, Nora Zeid, Ruba Al Araji, Salama Al Nuaimi, Sarah Al Adayleh, Wafa Ibrahim, and Youssef Mashhady. Each story carries the mark of its maker, complete with the artist’s signature tools, which range from traditional ink and pencil to new media electronic tablets, printmaking, doll making and cooking.