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Apocalypse Ready

Apocalypse Ready

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Act now to avert calamity!

This expertly curated compilation of step-by-step survival advice, drawn from more than 100 years of official documentation from around the world, demonstrates how to deal with every kind of disaster imaginable. Life-saving strategies include how to:

Identify symptoms / Prevent transmission / Destroy contaminated material / Construct a facemask / Avoid infection / Administer treatment / Clean equipment

Natural Disaster
Tornado-proof your home / Find shelter during an earthquake / Assemble your survival kit / Fight a forest fire / Escape a flooded car / Identify edible plants

Nuclear Attack
Evacuate a city / Build a fallout shelter / Survive radiation poisoning / Operate a respirator / Protect livestock / Overcome trauma / Estimate damage

Alien Invasion
Detect extraterrestrial life / Search the skies / Identify flying objects / Transmit messages / Recognize hoaxes

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